#30: HH4/K4QD – Haiti

Haiti is a poor Caribbean Island nation that has been hit hard by natural disaster. There are good people like Jan who go to provide assistance.

The Caribbean is like OC-PAC and Asia from the West Coast – even at the bottom of the cycle its usually workable on some band – even the low bands. Haiti is a little more rare than other Caribbean Islands because it doesn’t seem to have a “local” DXer living there.

NA ITU Zone: 11 CQ Zone: 8

Added to the DXCC List: on the original 1937 list. –  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haiti


Rareness Factor: one of the more rare Caribbean entities

Current Clublog Most Wanted (as of this writing): #160

DXpeditions: there aren’t many Haitian hams who are active, it seems like most activity that I have experienced has been through visiting aid workers.

Merit Badges

Caribbean Pipeline

Garden Variety


OC, AS, Caribbean, Central and South America are the parts of the world where you can count on working for at least 8BDXCC – it gets a lot harder to add band 9 and 10 though. There are quite a few entities in the Caribbean.

DXCC Entity “Vital Stats”

The QSO was made during the West Coast nightfall, and the solar conditions were close to the second peak of Cycle 23:

Cycle23 Start 1996-08 Number 11.2 Peak 2001-11 Number 180.3 Years to Rise 5.3 Years to Fall 7 Cycle Length 12.3

Important DXCC Resources

  1. ARRL DXCC Standings – http://www.arrl.org/dxcc-standings
  2. LOTW – https://lotw.arrl.org/cgi-bin/lotw_page_auth/default
  3. Clublog – https://clublog.org/index.php
  4. The History of the DXCC by (me) – History of the DXCC

BTW – I think the best DXCC List is either found at Clublog or in LOTW. The ARRL DXCC Desk and other parts of its web site regarding DXCC almost look abandoned. Luckily, LOTW and their standings lists look well kept, supported and looked after.

Parting Shots

Its no surprise that there are no resident hams on Haiti – at least that seem active with DXing.

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