#4: SM4OTI – Sweden

This would be one of the first “serious” DX QSO’s I had since becoming a DXer in 2001.

Stefan and I have had several “hello there” QSO’s – Stefan is a real beacon from Sweden.

EU ITU Zone: 18 CQ Zone: 14

Added to the DXCC List: on the original 1937 list. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sweden


Rareness Factor: “Garden Variety DX with a touch of polar flutter.

Current Clublog Most Wanted (as of this writing): #324

DXpeditions: I’ve never heard of a DXpedition to Sweden. I’d guess there may have been some IOTA DXpeditions

Merit Badges

Garden Variety

IKEA Merit Badge


Late June, 2001, and I would have been all settled in as a DXer at 14 Hawk Canyon Lane, Lafayette. I remember thinking that I was going to earn Honor Roll “with only 100 watts and a wire”. I was able to make it to 300 before I had to acknowledge that I needed more antenna and more power. But at this point in time, I was happy as can be – and I remember working 10 ATNO’s on some days. I lived on 5 acres and only thought “ladder line doublet up 40 feet”. I also only thought about Mixed Honor Roll – I don’t think I had anything else in mind at all.

And thus began my “DXCC Obsession”.

DXCC Entity “Vital Stats”

The QSO was made during nightfall on the West Coast and on the Short Path – and the solar conditions were:

Cycle23 Start 1996-08 Number 11.2 Peak 2001-11 Number 180.3 Years to Rise 5.3 Years to Fall 7 Cycle Length 12.3

I always enjoy QSO’s to Scandinavian countries where there is some polar flutter.

Important DXCC Resources

  1. ARRL DXCC Standings – http://www.arrl.org/dxcc-standings
  2. LOTW – https://lotw.arrl.org/cgi-bin/lotw_page_auth/default
  3. Clublog – https://clublog.org/index.php
  4. The History of the DXCC by (me) – History of the DXCC

BTW – I think the best DXCC List is either found at Clublog or in LOTW. The ARRL DXCC Desk and other parts of its web site regarding DXCC almost look abandoned. Luckily, LOTW and their standings lists look well kept, supported and looked after.

Parting Shots

  1. DXCC has been a real Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), but a healthy one
  2. Its an expensive OCD
  3. I thank my lucky stars I have a very understanding wife – Kat

2 thoughts on “#4: SM4OTI – Sweden

  1. At the suggestion of my elmer, I too started out with a ladder line doublet between two trees, and figured that was all I’d ever need. And as we’ve discussed, a 40 meter doublet up 75 feet is a killer antenna in certain directions. It helps if it’s on the East Coast too, haha.

    My current elmeree is now in that stage where he’s happy(ish) with his simple wire antenna and 100 watts, but at around 250, I think he’s starting to hunger for a bit more. The mania has fully bitten, and I think only his personal situation has kept him from splashing out on bigger antennas and power.

    I wonder how many DXers follow a similar progression. I bet it is a very common story.


    1. Its funny – 250 is about where you really get bit hard by the bug. I do think DX Chasing is a near addiction, but a very healthy one – if you learn and experiment along the way. Then 300 happens – and its hopeless – you just can’t stop.

      I was 7 away when 2012 started, and a year later – Honor Roll. That was the most amazing stretch because just before that in 2011 I hit the wall antenna wise. But those stories will be told right as I present the QSL’s that were part of that story. Its funny how these QSL’s are really making this blog the most fun I have had since I started blogging.


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